Mie's abundant natural resources make it a food heaven. Enjoy Ise spiny lobster and oysters from the nearby sea and Matsuzaka and Iga beef from the fertile mountains.

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Reviews and rankings for Mie's best cuisine

Check out the rankings for Mie’s best cuisine.

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Matsusaka beef

Iga beef

Ise Spiny Lobster


Ramen noodles

Izakaya (traditional Japanese pubs) and bars


Local Cuisine

Locals' Recommendations

Here are some restaurants recommended by locals.

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Mie offers friendly hospitality with plenty of support for
those coming from overseas.

  • Popular restaurants and attractions feature stickers with easy-to-understand information.
    These stickers indicate the languages spoken by the staff and the services that are available.
  • Wi-fi spots are available for anyone to use, free of charge.
    The "FreeWiFi-MIE" initiative is spreading throughout Mie, making free wi-fi services available to overseas tourists, domestic tourists and locals alike.FREE Wi-Fi MIE Map

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